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Adlib - Create Your Own Silly Story!

Welcome to Adlib from BAB Books, the way to play the Mad Libs party game on the web! We have several different Adlibs to play; fill in the blanks below for your random story to begin. If you would like a different random Adlib, hit the Refresh or Reload button, and then fill in the blanks.

If you're ready to play Adlib, fill in all the blanks below with any words that you choose. When you're finished, click on the "See the Story" button at the bottom of the page to read the silly story you have written. Your story could be hilariously funny, crazy, or just plain silly. But it will be fun! After you've read your story, you can come back to this page to fill in the blanks for a new silly story.


Adjective #1:

Adjective #2:

Adjective #3:

Adjective #4:

Adjective #5:

Adjective #6:

Large Number:


Noun #1:

Noun #2:


Plural Noun #1:

Plural Noun #2:

Plural Noun #3:

Small Number:

Verb ending in -ing:

Psssst...need a hint? Here is a review of the parts of speech you may need to remember: