BAB Books

BAB Books On-Line is a portal to online stories and resources for kids. You will find visually oriented material, including books, short stories, artwork, and educational games brought to you by great writers, illustrator, teachers, and developers from around the world. Unlike book publishers, we do not charge commissions for electronic publishing of any stories. Our goal at BAB Books is to help educate and entertain kids and parents with great stories and additional on-line resources.

All works submitted to BAB Books are clearly marked as belonging to the artist himself/herself. BAB Books will publish contact information for the artist if requested, which could include an email link or a mailing address. We may also forward comments, questions, and information requests received by BAB Books to the authors/artists if appropriate.

All works in the BAB Books On-Line site are copyright to the artists themselves, and will be clearly marked in that way. The creators of BAB Books do not claim any liability for viewers downloading, copying, or otherwise reproducing any work featured in the BAB Books site.

We love to hear from our readers and writers (interested in submitting your work for BAB Books On-Line publication - send us an email). Any information you supply to us will not be shared or sold for mass mailings, unsolicited email, or other spam databases. Your opinion matters, so please let us know what you think of our web site. Send us an email!